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The Fallacy of Islam as a Peaceful Religion

This will be the most informative 8 minutes you have watched.  Three Things About Islam shows it isn’t a Religion of Peace, it is deceitful and a cancer.  “We are not at war with Islam,” says our Child-In-Chief.  He is naive, he is misinformed, he is wrong on every level.


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Obama Continues to Undermine the Jewish World

I will never, ever, never, understand the American Jews supporting this back stabbing, undermining President.  Hamas has long been rightfully considered a terrorist group.  Their goals are clearly defined.  The total destruction of the Jewish state of Israel.  Yet, Obama insists on “negotiations” with these killers and now, as the article indicates below, has requested that Hamas keep secret any discussions Washington might be engaging with them in.  What, pray tell, is the One, expecting to extract from these lying terrorists?  What is the One hoping for as a trade off?

Middle East peace will not come, regardless.  But it certainly stands a chance of blowing up even further, though, in “secret discussions” with the very people who want to wipe Israel (and the US) right off the map.

The article is here.

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Beirut Native: The United States of Islam

h/t weasel zippers

Nabil Aramouni gets it.  He has seen the creeping sharia law that will soon consume Lebanon.  He knows through their mosques of the instruction to “go and produce, have more kids.  Don’t worry about the number of kids you have, we need to outnumber the Jews and the Christians.”  Yep, it’s that simple with them.  We’re seeing it in Canada.  We’re certainly seeing it in the UK where the immigrants move in and bring their 4 wives and 25 rug rats.  I would imagine they are already doing it in the good old U.S. of A. It’s just one way the takeover will be accomplished.
Aramouni also notes that the price of gas we’re paying is “dominated by the Middle East.”  They aren’t our friends, folks, I don’t care how many kisses George and the Saudi’s exchange.  We’re stuck on stupid by not drilling off-shore and wherever our natural resources provide solutions (ANWR).  Last time I looked, I was more important than a polar bear.
Read the article.  Read “Because They Hate,” “Infidel,” “Londonistan.”  The list is endless.  Support blogs such as ACT and The-Gathering-Storm.  Write your legislators, vote for the candidate that “gets it.”  This stuff is serious and it’s coming our way quickly.  

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