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Obama Continues to Undermine the Jewish World

I will never, ever, never, understand the American Jews supporting this back stabbing, undermining President.  Hamas has long been rightfully considered a terrorist group.  Their goals are clearly defined.  The total destruction of the Jewish state of Israel.  Yet, Obama insists on “negotiations” with these killers and now, as the article indicates below, has requested that Hamas keep secret any discussions Washington might be engaging with them in.  What, pray tell, is the One, expecting to extract from these lying terrorists?  What is the One hoping for as a trade off?

Middle East peace will not come, regardless.  But it certainly stands a chance of blowing up even further, though, in “secret discussions” with the very people who want to wipe Israel (and the US) right off the map.

The article is here.


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Barry’s Pet Goat Moment(s) by the NRSC

It’s taken over 16 months, through a failing economy, rounds of golf, the massacre at Ft. Hood, rounds of golf, climbing unemployment, rounds of golf, an unsuccessful tidy white bombing, rounds of golf, an attempted bombing in NY Times Square, rounds of golf, for the lame stream media and left wingnut politicians to notice:  YOUR PROBLEMS ARE AN INCONVENIENCE TO ME!!!!  The Child in Chief ‘s lack of response to the oil spill until weeks afterwards is evidence of an administration whose promise of hope and change is simply made up of lies.  Elections have consequences, America.

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The Governor’s Alliance and America’s Comeback

Fantastic video.  The state’s WILL take back their powers from a President and Congress that are working very hard to erode them.

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RIGHT WING EXTREMISTS Gather at the Austin Capital

About 300 or so angry right wing extremists well dressed (insincere), sporting home-made signs gathered in Austin and took over the steps of the Capital today. None of them would admit to being paid by the lobbyists or special interest groups to combat The One’s socializing of our country.

The angry mob began gathering about 10:30 a.m. to counter the moonbat’s protest that was to take place at 11. Only 4 moonbat’s were counted as being in attendance the entire time the angry mob was there. It was rumored that the moonbat’s were supposed to arrive by bus, however, said bus never appeared by the time this angry mobster departed at 12:30. Various theories abound regarding the moonbat absence from their own rally:

1. The moonbats weren’t sure how to counter any facts they would be presented with. They could only rely on their feelings.
2. They can’t spell, thus, no homemade signs.
3. They are still sleeping off last night’s kum-bay-yah party.
4. The bus company thought better of carrying them to said Capital.

There was, of course, nothing extremist about those present and opposing this bill that will turn our country into a banana republic.

What is extremist, however, is that the leader of the Free World and his leftist thugs would have the audacity to pit citizens against each other.

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Barry Obama Continues His Ignorance of Israel

Power Line had a good article posted Sunday regarding Barry’s insistence that Israel halt further settlement’s, including those sparked by natural population expansion. Of course, I would imagine that Netanyahu and group had a great laugh over this insistence and discussed in great deal the lack of the man-child’s understanding of Middle East situations.

Why, then, did Obama make this demand? Perhaps, in his efforts to impress the Arab world, he has simply become a messenger for Palestinian grievances. Perhaps he wanted to throw new demands into the mix in the hope of increasing his prospects for obtaining concessions on West Bank construction. It may also be the case that Obama doesn’t know enough about Jerusalem and about Netanyahu’s past practices to realize how ridiculous his latest demand would seem. And those in the State Department who do know probably would rather not educate the president.

It is frightening to think we have 3 1/2 years left of this crap administration in the White House. By the end of that time, if not before, our relationship with Israel will most likely be severed – all because the man-child in the White House is not prepared to handle anything outside Chicago.

Power Line article here.

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The most important story of the day, or how PMSNBC continues to suck up to The One.

Wow. The Zero ate another hamburger again. Of course, PMSNBC posted its importance. Do they have any journalists left there? Read it

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