Austin Water Main Break and the Reality of Conserving Water

Please don’t blame me if the lake levels fell June 18th.  At least I know why. It’s due to a city water main break in the front of our house that occurred over night.  And it’s still leaking today at 4 p.m.  At 6 a.m. it was rushing through the top of the manhole and about 15 minutes later, coming up between the asphalt and the curb in the street.

I contacted a nice guy through the Austin Water Utilities emergency leak phone number at about 6:20.  It’s 4 p.m. now and although the manhole isn’t leaking still, it’s still coming up between the curb and the street, and in the middle of the street.  Still no crews to address it.

I called 3-1-1 too this morning.  The nice lady there also explained that the electric company, gas company, cable company-probably my bank, too-have to come out and mark where they laid their lines.  So we have maybe one company that has come out and drawn little squiggly lines in the street.

Yes, reality is our infrastructure is old.  Obviously, this line was very old.  But it is gushing hundreds of gallons and it has now been 10 hours since I called.  Gee, I don’t know, HIRE SOME PEOPLE???  This is a total waste of a precious resource.







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