Consolidated Litigation Group: Lower than Pond Scum with apologies to Pond Scum

So these “attorneys” in California – home of class-action silliness – are targeting borrowers with random letters requesting said borrowers call them and be included in a class action suit of untold millions against the mean mortgage lenders.  The letters are being randomly sent to mortgagors and the pond scum have no idea what the status of the loan is – delinquent?  current? – no matter.  They found company names in public records and are proceeding from there.  The form looks like an official “government” form – which Reg Z and HUD would both have issues with.

Today a mortgagor contacted my company pretty upset with Pond Scum.  The borrower is current. Plus, we’re the originators – not the holder of the Note. We don’t service loans.  Pond Scum has wasted valuable postage.

Pond Scum’s intended purpose of course is “…to make your illegal and Fraudulent mortgage go away, seek monetary relief, stop foreclosures, and/or seek compensation for damages.” Yes, it was written just like that.  They forgot to add that their other intent is to line their greedy pockets from potential winnings of homeowners that got themselves into this mess in the first place.

Yep, there is some baaaaad paperwork out there and it involves the big banks, MERS, lousy attorneys.  No one should suffer if their lender screwed up. We take our responsibilities seriously. But I also have to ask, why were these loans made in the first place to people who couldn’t afford them? And why in the world would Pond Scum like Consolidated Litigation Group be permitted to prey on them?  There is no interest in the borrower’s fate. None. has way more on this.










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6 responses to “Consolidated Litigation Group: Lower than Pond Scum with apologies to Pond Scum

  1. John

    It seems the lawsuits againsts the lenders are delivering winnings to the homeowners soon. What do you think of

    • austinkafir

      As soon as BofA gets rid of Countrywide exposure, I think they will exit from the mortgage business. Exposure to the lawsuits is too risky for the big banks (AND the smaller private mortgage companies). The lawsuits, as lawsuits do, will only increase costs for borrowers and create scarcity of funds.

  2. Something bad about the Litigation Group Consolidated does not know the first thing about what the company has done for people like me. I was in foreclosure with a sale date in the corner, and they managed to stop my house be sold and put me in a dispute with Bank of America. His attorneys who focus on individual needs and handle customers issue faster.

    • austinkafir

      Could you afford the home in the first place? THAT’S my beef with them-suck the big bad lenders dry even though you shouldn’t have purchased the home in the first place.

      • David

        Why would anyone blame the consumer for this. The BANKS are the ones who have set laws, rules, regulations, guidelines to follow, none of which where followed.

        To try to say it is the consumers fault to pursue the “american dream” and legally apply for a loan and be HANDED it is their fault is laughable.

        To try to say certain attorneys should cover any and all costs associated with litigation until settlement on nation wide cases [that are not class action as this biased article says] with the possibility of thousands of clients is EXTREMELY laughable.

  3. suddir

    The “big bad banks” are the problem and a little fact checking might be in order. I have worked with Consolidated Litigation Group on my loan, and they have been very professional, helpful and were able to stop my home from going into foreclosure, after working the “big bad banks” for more than 2 years trying to modify my loan. After repeatedly sending in my information to the bank, and being told that I was in review for modification, without notification, I was informed that the foreclosure process was being accelerated? I turned to Consolidated Litigation group and they have been a tremendous help is stopping the bank from foreclosing and in getting me some relief, in restructuring my loan. Oh, and by the way, I could afford my loan when I took it out, and the payment was within my means. Not everyone who has defaulted, is a borrower that shouldn’t have received a loan. That would be a very narrow minded view, and not based in fact. Many good people, who took out loans that they could afford, have been hit by this economy, lost jobs, lost income, and have seen their property values drop. Yes, the Attorney’s do charge for their services, but doesn’t everyone? The fee charged was well worth it, just to be able to save my home and to hold the “big bad banks” accountable.

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