The Dem’s Reign Can’t End Soon Enough

Listening to Dick Morris is like running my fingers down a chalkboard. It’s not like I don’t agree with him – well, sometimes I don’t. It’s just… I wish his voice would come down half an octave.

This morning, writing an article posted at Real Clear Politics, Morris poses several assertions that hit the nail on the head should the Dems pass the crap sandwich that is “national health care.” The most important point is the effect this bill will have on the practice of medicine everywhere. Doctors are already reeling financially from the reduction in payments they are receiving from medicare/medicaid reimbursement. It is quickly becoming apparent that the incentive to practice medicine or pursue such a noble career will be stymied. The effect of this bill will be felt by all of us, regardless of your political affiliation.

The other point he makes is the revolt that will be coming in November. The Dems rule by terror will end as quickly as it was ushered in. Rightly so. The American people WILL NOT continue to put up with the arrogance and suppression of the majority’s will by the very people who elected them. The media may laugh, but there is a revolt brewing. A hard lesson learned, Dems, and all you had to do was vote no.

Read it here:


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