RIGHT WING EXTREMISTS Gather at the Austin Capital

About 300 or so angry right wing extremists well dressed (insincere), sporting home-made signs gathered in Austin and took over the steps of the Capital today. None of them would admit to being paid by the lobbyists or special interest groups to combat The One’s socializing of our country.

The angry mob began gathering about 10:30 a.m. to counter the moonbat’s protest that was to take place at 11. Only 4 moonbat’s were counted as being in attendance the entire time the angry mob was there. It was rumored that the moonbat’s were supposed to arrive by bus, however, said bus never appeared by the time this angry mobster departed at 12:30. Various theories abound regarding the moonbat absence from their own rally:

1. The moonbats weren’t sure how to counter any facts they would be presented with. They could only rely on their feelings.
2. They can’t spell, thus, no homemade signs.
3. They are still sleeping off last night’s kum-bay-yah party.
4. The bus company thought better of carrying them to said Capital.

There was, of course, nothing extremist about those present and opposing this bill that will turn our country into a banana republic.

What is extremist, however, is that the leader of the Free World and his leftist thugs would have the audacity to pit citizens against each other.


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