More 7th Century Barbarianism by the Religion of Peace

First of all, it is incredible to me that a member of Iran’s Basiji militia would even grant an interview to anyone remotely associated with The Jerusalem Post (those evil Jews, you know. /sarc) Secondly, this serves as a reminder that barbaric acts such as this are not surprising in an Islamic fundamental society that clings to 7th century behavior. It is abhorrent. It is pure evil. It is behavior from the same Islamic nuts that condone the hanging of gays, the stoning of women, the honor killings of female family members, the beheading of captors, the use of airplanes to crash into buildings.

‘I wed Iranian girls before execution,’ can be read here.

There have been so many countless horror stories of the atrocities forced upon women by these animals. It is rare that the mainstream media and the present administration address these issues. We’re too busy appeasing and apologizing and trying to be PC and multicultural. Guess what? That’s exactly what these bastards hoped for.

In my opinion, Islam is not a religion of peace, but a misogynistic cancer on the face of this earth.


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