Hillary says North Koreans are just Brats

“What we’ve seen is this constant demand for attention,” Clinton, who is in India, said in an interview that aired on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Monday.

“And maybe it’s the mother in me or the experience that I’ve had with small children and unruly teenagers and people who are demanding attention – don’t give it to them, they don’t deserve it, they are acting out,” she said.

Wow. That is truly an incredible and unbelievable statement from the SoS. Tell me, Hillary, do you apply this same mommy thought process to Iran threatening Israel with annihilation? What about Hamas and Hezbollah lobbing rockets into Israeli neighborhoods? Are these just petulant children you think we’re dealing with?

Keep your eyes to the sky Hawaii. “Acting Out” could be approaching you sometime in the future. Although Hillary insists, “They don’t pose a threat to us.”

The whole stupid article is here.


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