Barry Obama Continues His Ignorance of Israel

Power Line had a good article posted Sunday regarding Barry’s insistence that Israel halt further settlement’s, including those sparked by natural population expansion. Of course, I would imagine that Netanyahu and group had a great laugh over this insistence and discussed in great deal the lack of the man-child’s understanding of Middle East situations.

Why, then, did Obama make this demand? Perhaps, in his efforts to impress the Arab world, he has simply become a messenger for Palestinian grievances. Perhaps he wanted to throw new demands into the mix in the hope of increasing his prospects for obtaining concessions on West Bank construction. It may also be the case that Obama doesn’t know enough about Jerusalem and about Netanyahu’s past practices to realize how ridiculous his latest demand would seem. And those in the State Department who do know probably would rather not educate the president.

It is frightening to think we have 3 1/2 years left of this crap administration in the White House. By the end of that time, if not before, our relationship with Israel will most likely be severed – all because the man-child in the White House is not prepared to handle anything outside Chicago.

Power Line article here.


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