National Review – What’s the Matter With You People????

The September 1, 2008 issue ran a comment in its “The Week…” section. Since it can’t be linked back to, here it is:

After the House adjourned for summer recess without voting on an energy bill, half a dozen Republicans stayed in the empty chamber, razzing the majority and calling for offshore drilling. Their number swelled to about 20 as word got out; tourists and aides were invited in; though the C-SPAN cameras were switched off, the Republicans sent reports of their doings vie Twitter, and cellphone to Rush Limbaugh. Great fun was had by all, and scientists agree there may indeed be life in the House GOP caucus. But seriously, folks. Legislative bodies have rules for good reason: to maintain decorum, to see that business is done, to protect both majority and minority rights. The saving comedy of American politics allows us to write this off as a stunt-so long as everyone knows it was unseemly, and plans not to make a habit of it.

Are you guys so high up on your little journalism perches that you don’t see what is going on out there? For starters, 1,442,482 people have signed the Drill Here, Drill Now petition. They feel the pain at the pump. Obviously you don’t. These Congressmen gave up their vacations because they know they were screwed over by Pelosi and her Politburo in denying an up and down vote on the energy issue. Several of them met with constituents at local gas stations (McCaul) collecting receipts. Inhofe had Oklahomans send in their gas receipts with letters explaining how these gas prices are affecting their lives.

And you call this a stunt? Got news for you – you’re exhibiting behavior that’s similar to Obama: arrogant and elitist. This is a real movement guys. It isn’t a stunt. It’s about citizens being sick and tired of OUR government not engaging us. It’s about citizens being sick and tired of OUR government avoiding real issues that are killing our pocketbooks NOW.

The #dontgo Movement feels a real revolution may have been started. They are updating daily the progress, from Washington, D.C. activities to the citizens at the grassroots level. National Review would benefit from taking a look at this.

The Congressional members staying behind should be commended. There IS life in the Republican party – and the more people get involved in this type of activity, the better chance we have of keeping the White House and, maybe eventually, taking back the House and Senate.

Instead of poking fun at this movement, National Review might want to get involved and cover it with some real intensity. Gee, maybe it’d even increase their readership.



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2 responses to “National Review – What’s the Matter With You People????

  1. Amen, sister.

    The NRO folks aren’t usually this out of touch. I guess if you are commuting into NYC and not filling your car at the pump every 3 days, you just don’t get the impact of the higher prices.

    And what about just getting something done? This was a do-nothing congress- at least the congressmen who stayed behind actually accomplished something, like embarrassing Nan.

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