Congressman Lamar Smith Missing From DC!!!

When I called my Congressman’s office in Washington, D.C., I found he wasn’t there. He’d returned home to his constituency in San Antonio (and Austin, given the weirdo gerrymandering in Texas). The D.C. office had no idea of his schedule. I called his San Antonio office. Yep, he’s there. He couldn’t stay in D.C. to support the Oil Revolt because he had meetings to attend. Well, I asked, does he have plans to scoot on back up there? The San Antonio office didn’t know his schedule either. But! They reminded me he supports the Republicans now up there and co-sponsored the American Energy Act. But,he should be involved in this as well!

Congressman, there are others in your position out there collecting gas receipts and letters from constituents to send to Nancy and Harry. They are spending part of their vacations staying in D.C. working for us on an issue that is affecting every American pocketbook. I am aware of your co-sponsoring of the American Energy Act and I thank you, but we need you up there and visible during this revolt. It’s important for Texans to see you. Where are you and what are you doing?


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  1. I really like Lamar but I’m irritated that he isn’t back up there. He’s no longer my congressman- Lloyd Doggett is, so I’m having some fun calling his office and writing on his facebook page, letting him know that we in the rural, semi-rural areas are hurting economically.

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