Americans for Prosperity Pawn Useful Idiots

Take a look at about 1:10 into the video.  A woman climbs out of the taxi and when confronted by AFP, she claims she did take public transportation!  AFP has to explain to this idiot that the intent was to arrive without emitting evil carbon emissions.  “I’m sorry…I was running late…”  She apologizes!  Does she think the carbon police are about to arrest her?  Well, lucky for her, it won’t happen today. 

As Tim Phillips, President of AFP, pointed out at the Right online conference held in Austin, Texas this past weekend, the climate change folks are going to impose on us massive tax increases we can’t even imagine at this time.  If the “Cap and Trade” legislation makes it through, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that we could see a 1.2 TRILLION dollar increase in taxes just at the federal level.

She’ll be biking to the next Gore event.


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