Austin Water Main Break and the Reality of Conserving Water

Please don’t blame me if the lake levels fell June 18th.  At least I know why. It’s due to a city water main break in the front of our house that occurred over night.  And it’s still leaking today at 4 p.m.  At 6 a.m. it was rushing through the top of the manhole and about 15 minutes later, coming up between the asphalt and the curb in the street.

I contacted a nice guy through the Austin Water Utilities emergency leak phone number at about 6:20.  It’s 4 p.m. now and although the manhole isn’t leaking still, it’s still coming up between the curb and the street, and in the middle of the street.  Still no crews to address it.

I called 3-1-1 too this morning.  The nice lady there also explained that the electric company, gas company, cable company-probably my bank, too-have to come out and mark where they laid their lines.  So we have maybe one company that has come out and drawn little squiggly lines in the street.

Yes, reality is our infrastructure is old.  Obviously, this line was very old.  But it is gushing hundreds of gallons and it has now been 10 hours since I called.  Gee, I don’t know, HIRE SOME PEOPLE???  This is a total waste of a precious resource.






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So WordPress is scared of CAIR

Really, WordPress?  Bare Naked Islam was taken down because CAIR felt it was a hate site?  WordPress, do you know that CAIR supports terrorism and is an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial?  Did you know they support a violent islamofascism that threatens the very ideas you all permit to flow freely?

Really, WordPress?  You are totally scared of this trash organization that should be banned from the United States of America for their support of terror?  Cowards.  You are cowards.

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Consolidated Litigation Group: Lower than Pond Scum with apologies to Pond Scum

So these “attorneys” in California – home of class-action silliness – are targeting borrowers with random letters requesting said borrowers call them and be included in a class action suit of untold millions against the mean mortgage lenders.  The letters are being randomly sent to mortgagors and the pond scum have no idea what the status of the loan is – delinquent?  current? – no matter.  They found company names in public records and are proceeding from there.  The form looks like an official “government” form – which Reg Z and HUD would both have issues with.

Today a mortgagor contacted my company pretty upset with Pond Scum.  The borrower is current. Plus, we’re the originators – not the holder of the Note. We don’t service loans.  Pond Scum has wasted valuable postage.

Pond Scum’s intended purpose of course is “…to make your illegal and Fraudulent mortgage go away, seek monetary relief, stop foreclosures, and/or seek compensation for damages.” Yes, it was written just like that.  They forgot to add that their other intent is to line their greedy pockets from potential winnings of homeowners that got themselves into this mess in the first place.

Yep, there is some baaaaad paperwork out there and it involves the big banks, MERS, lousy attorneys.  No one should suffer if their lender screwed up. We take our responsibilities seriously. But I also have to ask, why were these loans made in the first place to people who couldn’t afford them? And why in the world would Pond Scum like Consolidated Litigation Group be permitted to prey on them?  There is no interest in the borrower’s fate. None. has way more on this.









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Why Palestinians Want this Video Removed

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The Fallacy of Islam as a Peaceful Religion

This will be the most informative 8 minutes you have watched.  Three Things About Islam shows it isn’t a Religion of Peace, it is deceitful and a cancer.  “We are not at war with Islam,” says our Child-In-Chief.  He is naive, he is misinformed, he is wrong on every level.

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Thank You for Fighting for Me.

h/t Shadenfreude

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Obama Continues to Undermine the Jewish World

I will never, ever, never, understand the American Jews supporting this back stabbing, undermining President.  Hamas has long been rightfully considered a terrorist group.  Their goals are clearly defined.  The total destruction of the Jewish state of Israel.  Yet, Obama insists on “negotiations” with these killers and now, as the article indicates below, has requested that Hamas keep secret any discussions Washington might be engaging with them in.  What, pray tell, is the One, expecting to extract from these lying terrorists?  What is the One hoping for as a trade off?

Middle East peace will not come, regardless.  But it certainly stands a chance of blowing up even further, though, in “secret discussions” with the very people who want to wipe Israel (and the US) right off the map.

The article is here.

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Helen Thomas – Stuff I Wipe off My Shoes

Well known Hezbollah supporter who lines her bedroom with pictures of Osama, Obama (the same?), Che, Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Hugo and maybe Bobby Sherman, puts her small foot in her big mouth once again.  Anti-Semitic personality springs to the surface once again!

Tony Snow knew it before now.

Helen needs to shut up.  She’s exposing her left wing, libtard friends. That’s how they all really feel.  When will the liberal-voting Jews voting for Obama realize that the libtards have NO interest  in their security or safety?  These people are out to DESTROY YOU.  GET SMART QUICKLY.

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Barry’s Pet Goat Moment(s) by the NRSC

It’s taken over 16 months, through a failing economy, rounds of golf, the massacre at Ft. Hood, rounds of golf, climbing unemployment, rounds of golf, an unsuccessful tidy white bombing, rounds of golf, an attempted bombing in NY Times Square, rounds of golf, for the lame stream media and left wingnut politicians to notice:  YOUR PROBLEMS ARE AN INCONVENIENCE TO ME!!!!  The Child in Chief ‘s lack of response to the oil spill until weeks afterwards is evidence of an administration whose promise of hope and change is simply made up of lies.  Elections have consequences, America.

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Why I feel safe here.  Heh.

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